Metaphysics: Aristotelian, Scholastic, Analytic.
June 30 - July 3 2010, Prague, Strahov Monastery (Czech Republic)


(19/12/12)   A review by Timothy Pawl of our proceedings volume has been published by the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

(31/5/12)   The Proceedings volume of our conference has been published under the title Metaphysics: Aristotelian, Scholastic, Analytic. The authors shall receive their copies shortly.

(21/3/12)   The Proceedings volume is almost finished, it will be published within weeks by Ontos Verlag

(22/7/10)   The guidelines for papers submitted for publishing in the Proceedings of the conference are made available for download.

(30/6/10)   The singing booklet for the choral mass has been made available for download (comprising the latin texts, Gregorian notation and English translations).

(30/6/10)   Two versions of a poster with the programme of the conference are available for download in Download section.

(29/6/10)   A print-ready programme is now available for download. All speakers and registered participants will receive one printed copy on registration.

(28/6/10)   The conference opens on Wednesday, July 30, 2:45 PM. Registration desk will open in advance at 1:30 PM. We would like to ask the participants to make use of this time to register, so that we avoid unnecessary crowding, minutes before the conference opening, and possible resulting delays.

(25/6/10)   Due to some cancellations, the programme of the conference has been revised.

(19/6/10)   Transport information supplied in Detailed information section.

(18/6/10)   The maps in Detailed information section have been actualised.

(18/6/10)   The time schedule of complementary activities has been specified in the programme and in the Detailed information section.

(9/6/10)   The web has been updated throughout with recent information. The programme of the conference has been made available for download.