Second Scholasticism
Analytical Metaphysics
Christian Apologetics

A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday

27th–29th October 2021    Catholic Theological Faculty, Prague, Czech Republic


The deadline for proposals has expired by 31st May.
The programme of the conference has been settled.

  • Abstracts (of about 1500 characters / 250 words) are welcome for any of the three sections of the conference.
  • The expected length of a talk is 40 minutes (discussion not included).
  • The language of the conference is English.
  • Deadline for abstracts was 31th May, 2021.
  • E-mail your abstracts to

Sections of the Conference

Second Scholasticism

A section devoted to historically oriented papers bearing upon Renaissance and Baroque scholastic thought.

Although primarily focused on second scholasticism, papers exploring relationships of second-scholastic thought to medieval scholasticism, early-modern philosophy or analytical philosophy are also welcome. Moreover, the required historical perspective is not meant to exclude the possibility of a systematic evaluation of second-scholastic thought. Especially welcome are papers offering a broader, synthetic perspective on certain topic or problem of late scholasticism, or papers expanding current knowledge of the epoch in significant or unexpected ways.

Analytical Metaphysics

A section designed for papers attempting to bring late-scholastic ideas up to date using the approach and methods of contemporary analytical philosophy.

However, papers deriving from medieval scholasticism (for example, in the vein of analytical Thomism), or systematic lectures in analytical metaphysics are also welcome. Possible broad topics may include e.g. essentialism, metaphysical modalities, individuation, universals, existence, or God. Moreover, we would like to explore the question, how analytical philosophy can interact with the heritage of scholasticism. Should the traditional problems be approached by means of modern methods? Or could we learn from the traditional methods and apply them to new problems? Is an analytic-scholastic synthesis possible at all, and how should it look like?

Christian Apologetics

A section devoted to the apologetic of Christian worldview, or a vindication of the philosophical prerequisites of Christian faith.

Especially welcome in this section will be attempts at a critical evaluation of the various ways in which the continental post-scholastic philosophical tradition might have adversely affected Christian, especially Catholic, orthodoxy. What aspects of the traditional metaphysical thought are indispensable to provide a solid ground for the Christian faith? Which aspects of the post-scholastic philosophical tradition must be rejected and how can it be convincingly done? This is the kind of questions we would like to discuss in the first place in this section; but any proposal will be considered which will in some way tackle the predicament of a Christian philosopher vis-à-vis the present crisis of faith.

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