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A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday

27th–29th October 2021    Catholic Theological Faculty, Prague, Czech Republic


Do you want to congratulate to Professor Sousedík?

The live participants of the conference will have the opportunity to write down their best wishes for Professor Sousedík into a hand-made book which will be then presented to him. The on-line attendees can also participate in this, in one of the following ways:

  • You can e-mail me (Lukáš Novák, see the bottom of the page) your personal “birthday card” in the form of a PDF, JPG etc. I will print it out and put it, in some suitable way, into the book.
  • You can e-mail me only the text of your wishes; I will write it down into the book for you and sign it with your name.
  • You can just let me know that you would like to add your name to the list of congratulators, which will also be part of the book.
Please e-mail me your wishes no later than Friday 29th October, 12:00 noon.
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