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Analytical Metaphysics
Christian Apologetics

A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday

27th–29th October 2021    Catholic Theological Faculty, Prague, Czech Republic


  • 30th October: Meeting point for today's hike: 9:50 at the Dejvická metro station, on the platform. We shall go to Karlštejn, Solvay mines, Svatý Jan pod Skalou and Srbsko.
  • 28th October: Singing booklets for the mass are available in the Downloads section.
  • 28th October: In the Downloads section, you can find handouts and papers provided by (some) speakers.
  • 28th October: Online participants, please e-mail me your wishes for Professor Sousedík no later than Friday, October 29th, 12:00 noon (but preferably today).
  • 26th October: In the new section Birthday Wishes, online participants will find the information how they can contribute to the congratulations book to be presented to Professor Sousedík.
  • 26th October: Live participants may wish to check the information on the entrance to the Czech Republic. If you are vaccinated, you are only required to fill in the entrance form.
  • 26th October: Minor updates of the website, especially the transport intructions.
  • 20th October: A conference poster is available for download.
  • 20th October: Detailed transport information has been added to the Venue section.
  • 20th October: Information on how to participate online in the conference has been added to the Participate section. Active online participation is possible via Microsoft Teams; also, the conference will be live-streamed to YouTube. The website has been updated accordingly.
  • 13th October: This section has been added to the website to share actual information.
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